Callisto Media

The Algorithm Will Transform Publishing

Big Data is disrupting the world’s largest media industry, ushering in a new age of predictability, profitability, and explosive growth. Consumers no longer have to choose among products that only partially meet their needs. Authors can expect consistent success. This is the new world of publishing. This is Callisto Media.

We are experts in data

Since 2011, we have been building the world’s largest repository of consumer interest data. Our proprietary technology gives us unparalleled insight into the science of content monetization.

We know what
consumers will buy

Locked inside billions of points of data are the secrets of consumer demand, product design, price elasticity, market opportunity, and product longevity. Callisto holds the keys.

We serve consumers
and authors

We create products designed around consumer needs and price them aggressively to serve our customers. We deliver consistent success to our authors in both online and traditional channels.

From bestseller to long tail

We know every opportunity

Our technology identifies every existing consumer need and its revenue potential.
Execution is based on science, not guesswork.

We have a data‑driven blueprint for every title

We bring books to market in weeks, not years.
We design every facet to perfectly reflect consumer needs.

We are consistently profitable

Freed from the constraints of hit-driven economics, we can deliver
rich content for all consumers on even the most niche subjects.