Can mining big data teach a child to read,
cook up healthy eating, and inspire young minds?

We combine the power of Big Data, technology, and lean economics. We discover the information people are searching for and provide it. We help transform lives.

Callisto will be unmatched in providing products, services, and experiences to a diverse universe. From mainstream populations to groups that traditional companies believe are too small or economically unfeasible to address, we will meet their needs.

Today, we’re the fastest growing company in the $106 billion global publishing industry, and our primary method for meeting peoples’ needs is through long-form content in books. But creating books for them is only the beginning.

Meeting a Universe of Needs


We believe that millions of people around the world are raising their hands seeking information they need—to solve problems, achieve goals, enrich their lives. And these needs are largely unmet.

At Callisto, we’re changing that. We won’t stop until we’ve done everything we can to uncover the diverse needs and aspirations of people and provide exactly what they’re looking for. We’re harnessing the power of Big Data and inventing technologies to bring content of remarkable quality and quantity (at an amazing rate) to the world.

It’s our vision, our passion, our obsession.

Serving the Needs of Millions of
Individuals and Communities
Around the World